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Holistic Healer, energetic healer, treating a variety of health and emotional states and bringing into balance in your health and life.
I treat conditions such as conceiving, digestion issues, anxiety, and emotional situations, blood pressure, stress, depression and more.
Vortex Healing | E-Lybra device | Reflexology | Acupuncture | Medicinal herbs | Bach Flower Extracts, Australia and Orchids | Modern Homeopathy

You deserve to treat yourself right.
Let's get started and take care of YOU and your quality of life!

My LOCAL treatment methods are:

  • Vortex Healing |

  • E-Lybra device |

  • Reflexology |

  • Acupuncture |

  • Medicinal herbs |

  • Bach Flower Extracts, Australia and Orchids |

  • Modern Homeopathy


I treat conditions such as:

  • Conceiving

  • Digestion issues 

  • Blood pressure

  • Anxiety  

  • Stress

  • Emotional states

  • Depression

  • And more

My REMOTE treatment methods are:

  • Healing 

  • Vortex Healing

We connect via Whatsapp, email or Skype, set up a scheduled time fior the treatment and I connect with you energetically. Afterward we discuss feelings (physical or emotional) came out and how we proceed.

"I had an issue and I read online that energy healing could help. I decided to try it with Ronit and it was amazing! She was spot on and helped me out!"
How did it all start for me?

My little family went on a mission in Africa. There, in the heart of the tropical vegetation, the heat and the humidity, something happened to me that affected my continuing on the professional path and the moment I will never forget. One day I came across a local shaman who was able to cure her leg and wound the soul of an Israeli girl with the help of herbs and aromatic oils. As a curious character, I had a lot of questions for him but all my pleas didn't help and he wouldn't teach me, a white woman, in fear that the white people did not understand the local knowledge and methods. It was a defining moment in my life where I knew where my life path would go.

After returning to Israel, I was filled with energy and motivation to fulfill my goals, worked and studied various fields of holistic medicine. The vast knowledge I have gained in spiritual development has enhanced my energetic innate skills, and with all of these, I use the goal of helping people on the physical, emotional and mental level.


I would love to help you too.

Or fill out this form and I'll get back to you

You can also sign up to my virtual energy sessions

You are invited to join me for a live meditation session and group healing session - remotely!
Meetings usually take place on Sundays or special days, in 2 groups (afternoon and evening).

At each session of meditation and group healing we work on a different topic - I connect with you energetically and do the work for you, you just have to sit comfortably and be aware!
It's a great opportunity to connect with yourself and clear the topic - I get a lot of feedback from people who "felt something" during the session.

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Sign up via Eventbrite, pay with PayPal or credit card

"The topics we work on are so important, anyone can find something to relate to. Also, the meditation makes me feel peaceful."

Treatments | Vortex Healing | E LYBRA | Reflexology | Acupuncture

Bach and Australia Flowers, Orchid Extracts | Medicinal herbs | Homotoxicilogy

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