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Live Group Meditation & Healing session

Please join me at the Live Group Meditation & Healing session.
These sessions typically recur on Sundays, or on special occasions. In each session we work on a different topic.

In this live remote meditation & healing session, I connect with you energetically and I do all the work for you. You just need to tune in!
This is a great opportunity to connect to the current issue within yourself and work on clearing it out - I get a lot of feedback from people who "felt something" during the time of the session.

What Do I Need To Do?

Wearing training, pajamas or jeans with an open button, sit or lie down comfortably, in a quiet place with no distractions (no phones, TV, computer or such).

Bring awareness to your heart on this issue - this is one hour with yourself, for yourself.

Whether you feel something or not, the work is still being done!

How Do I Participate?

You can choose to participate in one or more sessions, which do not have to be consecutive sessions.
After making the payment, please send me an email as well to let me know when you want to participate.

1 session:    22 USD  //  16 GBP  //  20 EUR
2 sessions:  38 USD  //  29 GBP  //  35 EUR
3 sessions:  56 USD  //  45 GBP  //  53 EUR
4 sessions:  74 USD  //  59 GBP  //  65 EUR
5 sessions:  92 USD  //  73 GBP  //  85 EUR
Make a payment via Paypal:

  1. Visit the link: or click on the image below.

  2. Insert my email address: and click Next.

  3. Type the amount equivalent for the number of wanted sessions and choose the currency.

  4. Click Send.

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